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Gayle Walker

Gayle L. Walker

I am a former Naval officer who found a new mission in life: making families happier and stronger. It all started with an unexpected opportunity to help a friend who had just become a mom and needed assistance going back to work. I realized that my passion for serving others aligned perfectly with the needs of new parents. Soon afterwards, I created the plan for Life Doula to offer much-needed support to busy professionals and their families.

Life Doula offers top-tier support to busy, empowered women during times of major change within their families. Our expert team, consisting of birth/postpartum doulas, nurses, nannies, and personal assistants, provides unparalleled care at every stage of the birthing process. We believe that women should be able to savor these life-altering moments while still maintaining a connection with their loved ones. That’s why our certified healthcare practitioners specialize in efficient home management and precise administration, ensuring that you and your family have what you need when you need it. Whether it’s preparing a meal, walking the dog, booking travel, or entertaining children, Life Doula is here to help you elegantly manage your household.

We women are spectacular beings designed to give birth to many things over the course of our lives. We birth children, ideas, businesses and even rebirth better versions of ourselves. But we were never intended to birth alone. Life Doula is your village: support for the modern woman in transition. You are brilliant, capable and empowered – and we are here to help you bring forth the home, enterprise or lifestyle of your dreams.

Life Doula is a new brand of service firm, providing the most elegant support for high-performing, empowered women during periods of profound change for their families. Life Doula supports women giving birth to children, businesses and better versions of themselves; allowing them to enjoy these periods of powerful transition while maintaining peace and connection to what matters most – treasured time for selfcare, for partnerships and with family. Your Life Doula is a certified healthcare practitioner, cross-trained in efficient home management systems and precise administration solutions and stands ready to make a meal, walk the dog, book your travel or engage the kids. She supports you and your family with what you need, when you need it, elegantly.

Life Doula is currently enhancing the lives of women and families throughout the Washington, DC metro area. 

  1. Life Doula focused on capacity/bandwidth enhancement during any period of transition for women with families. Support services are also available to women who do not have children.
  2. Life Doula service providers, called “Life Doulas” are each trained to deliver a signature blend of clinical, clerical, personal and administrative support – so that clients receive the benefits of 2 or 3 service providers in one.
  3. Support available includes doula services, home management and admin/personal assistance, and support is available before, during or long after a maternity leave.
  4. Life Doula covers the broad support space between childcare and housekeeping giving clients direct personalized concierges services that allow them to thrive personally and professionally.